Voice-activated Convenience

Allesin motorized blinds seamlessly integrate with your existing Alexa or Google Home ecosystem that allows you to control your blinds using simple voice commands.

Personalized Experience

Enjoy Effortless Control

Smart window shades are ideal for those nights when you want more privacy but you don't want to get off the couch or crawl out of bed. Or when you're relaxing on the couch on a weekend morning and want to let some light in. You can simply just call out for Alexa or Google to get the job done.

Allesin smart blinds can be set to automated schedules, so you never have to remember to adjust your blinds again in the morning or at night.
Whether it is too bright or you need privacy, your blinds are just a voice command away. You can create a more relaxed atmosphere.
By reducing the amount of heat loss through windows, automatic blinds can help save on energy costs, and regulate indoor temperature.

How to Set Up Voice Control

Check out our step-by-step guide on connecting Allesin blinds with smart speakers

Step-by-step Tutorial

You'll need to purchase Allesin USB Transponder or Smart Bridge Hub to connect with Alexa or Google Assistant.

1. Download Tuya or Smart Life app on your phone

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

2. Set the smart bridge to "pairing mode"

Long press the matching button for 5 seconds until the red indicator blinks.

3. Add the smart bridge to the app

Choose "other devices (Wi-Fi)"

4. Set the blind's motor to "pairing mode"

Long press the "M" key on the shade's motor for 2 seconds until the motor rotates once, which means the motor enters the "pairing mode".

5. Add the shade under the smart bridge

Then you can control the blinds open and close over your phone.

6. Connect to Amazon Alexa/Google Home

Choose Amazon Alexa in the app section "Me" and then connect by signing in your Amazon account.