Our Products

Our Products
Are your blinds of the same quality as other name brands?

Yes, and even better. We know custom window coverings are pricey, especially those motorized and smart blinds. Allesin is always committed to affordability without compromising on quality.

What material are your products? Would they hold up in a bathroom with humidity?

You can choose blackout shades. Our blackout blinds are made up of 100% durable polyester and waterproof layer, so they can be installed in a bathroom against humidity.

How do these mount to the frame? Do they mount to the top or sides?

These blinds mount on top. You can screw them on window frame by the brackets.

What is the dimension of the cassette the shade rolls up into?

About 1.5’’ deep and 2.8’’ high, and the depth of the brackets is about 2’’.

Can you see through these from outside?

No, not at all. The shades themselves block light very well so you cannot see through them from the outside.

Can I cut the width of the shades?

No. The shade is not available to cut. Please kindly choose the proper size.

Does the street -side color coordinate with the inside color?

Unfortunately not. For cellular shades, if you choose a certain color, the other side will all be white, but both sides are available to be mounted inside. For roller shades, the color of the back is sliver, because there is a silver coating on the fabric to efficiently prevent the sunlight and UV.

What are the charging options?

We offer two kinds of power supply, dry cells and rechargeable lithium battery. The rechargeable option also comes with a solar panel add-on that can save you a lot money on electric bills.

Is mounting hardware included in my order?

Yes, all the mounting hardware will be included in your shipment. If there is anything missing or broken, you could email us for re-shipment.

How do you clean them?

Kindly refer to our guides on how to clean shades and blinds.